Here is what we are learning this week:

Sight Words: color words (I will send home flash cards today)

Phonics: Rhyming

Reading Mini Lessons: Character and Setting

Math: Measurement (non-standard)

Math Stations:

Math By Myself: Apple Counting Book

Math With a Partner: measure our feet with squares

Math w/teacher and writing: Roll and Record

Writer’s Workshop: Begin using our writing reference folders.  Using Sentence Frames to help us write.

Science: 5 Senses


Reminder: This Wednesday is an early release day. The students will be dismissed at 11:30.

Sight Words: we, go, at

Interactive Read Alouds: Jonathan and His Mommy, Elizabeth’s Doll, Where Are You Going,LittleMouse?  Essential Question: What is important about being in a family?

Poem: What Do Kids Like? (we)  I Go (go)

Interactive Writing:  Write about fall (I, can, on, the, see, me, am, like)  For example: I see read leaves. I like fall.

Math: Number Sense

Math Stations:

Math by Myself: Decompose 4

Math With Someone: Any game that they have previously been taught.

Math With Teacher: Five in a Row game and Roll and Build Game

Penmanship: Nn, Rr, Mm

Writer’s Workshop: What Can We Write About? Brainstorm things we see in the Fall.

Social Studies/Science: We will go on a nature/listening walk.


Thank you all for sending apples last week! We had so much fun doing apple experiments and tasting them! Here is what we have going on this week:

Sight Words: on, the

Interactive Read Alouds: Do Like Kyla, Don’t You Feel Well Sam?

Reading Mini Lessons: We will begin talking about characters and setting. We will also begin discussing making connections while reading.

Interactive Writing: Fall sentences For example: I see red leaves.  I like fall.

Math: Ten Frames, rekenreks, counting strategies

Math Stations:

Math By Myself: count around the room activity

Math With Technology: Math games on Ipads

Math in Journals: Shake 5 game

Math With Teacher: Count and Cover Game

Penmanship: Gg, Oo, Qq

Writer’s Workshop: Apple Facts, How to Make Applesauce, What Do Writer’s Do?

Reminders: Picture Day is this Thursday!

Scholastic Book order is due this Friday. (It is going home today)




I hope you all had a great weekend! Here is what we will be working on this week:

Sight Words: see, me  (Review I, can, like, am)

Shared Reading: Rolling, Bouncing Balls, Playing  (comprehension, locate letters, words, sentences)

Interactive Read Aloud: B is for Bulldozer, On Market Street, A- My Name is Alice  Essential Question- Why do you need letters?

Interactive Writing: What Gets A Capital? We will be using apples to come up with sentences. For example: I see a red apple.  I like apples.

Math: Ten Frames, Subitizing, Rekenreks, Counting Strategies  We will begin math stations this week.

Penmanship: Tt, Dd

Writer’s Workshop: Apple Facts

Social Studies/Science:

  • Johnny Appleseed
  • Do apples sink or float?
  • Which apple did you like best graph?
  • We will make applesauce on Friday for snack!


It is a great idea to send your child with a water bottle. They are more than welcome to keep it at their table. Our water fountain is not in the best shape.  Thank you for all that you do!



I have really enjoyed getting to know all of my sweet kinders these last couple of weeks.  This week we are going to start rotating through our literacy stations. (pictures to come)  They are so excited!  Here is what we are learning this week:

Literacy Stations: We will practice rotating stations and correct Busy Bee behavior.  I will start meeting with reading groups next week!

Shared Reading/ Poetry: We will be reading the big books, Hearts and Stripes.  We will begin locating letters, words, and sentences.

New Sight Words: am, like (we introduced can and last week)

Interactive Read Alouds:  ABC I Like Me and Alphabet Under Construction

Interactive Writing: I am_______.  For example, I am Mrs. Edwards. We will also be using environmental print to help us write.

Math: Sorting and Shapes

Handwriting: Letters Aa and Cc


Thank you for all that you do! Please remember to send a picture of your family for us to hang up if you haven’t done so!