Reminder: This Wednesday is an early release day. The students will be dismissed at 11:30.

Sight Words: we, go, at

Interactive Read Alouds: Jonathan and His Mommy, Elizabeth’s Doll, Where Are You Going,LittleMouse?  Essential Question: What is important about being in a family?

Poem: What Do Kids Like? (we)  I Go (go)

Interactive Writing:  Write about fall (I, can, on, the, see, me, am, like)  For example: I see read leaves. I like fall.

Math: Number Sense

Math Stations:

Math by Myself: Decompose 4

Math With Someone: Any game that they have previously been taught.

Math With Teacher: Five in a Row game and Roll and Build Game

Penmanship: Nn, Rr, Mm

Writer’s Workshop: What Can We Write About? Brainstorm things we see in the Fall.

Social Studies/Science: We will go on a nature/listening walk.