Thank you all for sending apples last week! We had so much fun doing apple experiments and tasting them! Here is what we have going on this week:

Sight Words: on, the

Interactive Read Alouds: Do Like Kyla, Don’t You Feel Well Sam?

Reading Mini Lessons: We will begin talking about characters and setting. We will also begin discussing making connections while reading.

Interactive Writing: Fall sentences For example: I see red leaves.  I like fall.

Math: Ten Frames, rekenreks, counting strategies

Math Stations:

Math By Myself: count around the room activity

Math With Technology: Math games on Ipads

Math in Journals: Shake 5 game

Math With Teacher: Count and Cover Game

Penmanship: Gg, Oo, Qq

Writer’s Workshop: Apple Facts, How to Make Applesauce, What Do Writer’s Do?

Reminders: Picture Day is this Thursday!

Scholastic Book order is due this Friday. (It is going home today)