Thank ya’ll so much for supporting our Limeades Project! Please keep sending those stickers in and voting every day!

Sight Words: little, in

Interactive Writing: “Who Do You See?” Halloween class book

Busy Bee Literacy Groups:

Pocket Chart: Colorful Pumpkins

Sensory: Find the sight word leaf and write the word

Listening: QR Code Halloween Story and Reaction sheet

Writing: Halloween Sticker Story

Technology: Alphabet Apps

Making Words: Flip the Eggs (sight word game)

Small Groups: We will be sending a new book home every other day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays reread the books for fluency. In small groups we will be focusing on word work, writing and reading skills.

Math/ Number Talk: Subitizing and Number Sense

Handwriting: Qq, Vv

Writer’s Workshop: Why Do Writer’s Write?

Science: Bats

October 19- No school (teacher workday)

Hip Hip Hooray!

Hip Hip Hooray! Our Sonic Limeades for learning project was funded today!Our class is getting a new Ipad Mini! Thank you so much for voting and bringing tickets in! I have started a new  project and am just waiting for approval before it is posted. Please keep sending those sonic stickers in. I will let you know how to vote for our new project once it is approved and posted! Thank you!


I hope you all had a great weekend!  Thank you for all Limeades for Learning tickets that you are sending! Keep on sending them and voting for our project!  Here is what we have planned for this week:

Sight Words: We will continue working on our color words.

Poems: Rainbow Hair and Colors (find color words and other sight words)

Interactive Writing: Finish our Halloween and Fall sticker sentences. Work on spacing!

Shared Reading: Brown Bear, Brown Bear-  talk about story elements

Math: Finish up Measurement and start 3d shapes!

Social Studies/Science: Pumpkins!



Hey parents! Tomorrow Limeades for Learning starts. (SEE LINK ON THE SIDE) I will send a note home tomorrow with more information. Please vote everyday for our project so my students can get a new ipad mini! Please visit Sonic and ask for limeade for learning stickers.  Each of these stickers count as 2 votes! Thank you for your support.

This week:

Sight Words: color words

Interactive Writing: Continue working on fall sentences.

Shared Reading: Fall and Halloween books./ Color Word Poems We will concentrate on capitals, punctuation, and sight words.

Math-  We will begin working on nonstandard measurement.

Writer’s Workshop: Begin using writing folders.  Writing Anchor Charts/ What Good Writer’s Do

Science/SS: 5 Senses

Please don’t forget this Friday is early release!



Things to Remember:

This Wednesday is an early release day.  Students will be dismissed at 11:30 and teachers will have a training.  October 5th is also an early release day due to Homecoming!

This is what we will be working on this week:

New sight words: we, go, at (review all others we have learned)

Interactive Writing:

Write about Fall.. Use sight words with writing (I, can, on, the, see, me, am, like)

I see red leaves.

I like fall.

Shared Reading: Continue talking about characters and setting.  Talk about the sequence of events.

Math/ Number Talks/ Math Centers/ Calendar:

Teach/Model Accountable Talk Language)

Questions: What do you see? How do you see it? Students Share

# of the day

Introduce Vocab. Word: Decompose

Math by Myself: :
**Decompose 4

Math With Someone Options:

-QR Code Math/Ten Frames

-Counting with Play-Doh

-Any taught Number Sense or Shape Games

-Sort 2D/3D Shape Sorting

-Subitizing Memory

-Magnetic # Match/Match Quantity

-Large Number Line: Roll out and put manipulatives to match the quantity of each number

Math in Writing:


How Many Apples Tall are You? Measure and then draw in journal

Meet with Teacher:

Teach: Game: Five in a Row

And Roll and Build


Youtube Counting Songs.

September Song Jack Hartmann

*Calendar: today, yesterday, tomorrow

Review: counting forward and backwards to 20, 1 more/1 less, Counting by Tens.

Review ways to make a number briefly.

Handwriting: Mm, Nn, Rr

Social Studies: Nature and Leaf Walk


We had so much fun with our apple activities last week! Thank you so much for sending them!   Here is what we are learning this week:

Sight Words:  see, me

We will continue our I Love You rituals!

Morning Messages: We will work on the difference between a letter, word, and sentence. We will also start writing the beginning sounds in our messages every morning!

Literacy Stations: They are doing a great job learning how to rotate and work in these correctly. I will continue meeting with small groups.

Interactive Writing: We will make Fall sentences and concentrate on spacing.

Shared Reading: Fall Books (locating sight words, capitals, punctuation)  Begin talking about characters and setting.

Math Block (Number Talks, Math Stations, and Whole Group lessons): We will continue working on number sense and counting objects. (ten frames,dots, higher level questioning)

Handwriting: Gg, Oo, Qq

Writer’s Workshop

Together brainstorm a list of ingredients used and then Write how to chart about making applesauce. We will talk about what writer’s do. We will also begin a class book!


Important Dates to Remember:

September 20th- School Pictures

September 26th- PLC Day 1/2 day for students